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  • What are the diamond mosaic methods?
    What are the diamond inlay methods? The diamond inlay method can largely affect the appearance of the diamond. It is understood that there are as many as seven or more diamond inlay methods, and each diamond inlay method has its own unique advantages. Below I love Diamond Network Xiaobian to introduce you to several common diamond inlay methods.
  • Zircon Pendant is a synthetic zircon online shop false propaganda was sentenced to a loss of ten
    (Reporter An Ran) The "Zircon Pendant" sold by a necklace company's flagship store on an e-commerce platform promised "a penalty of ten". After the buyer Ma bought it, it was identified as "synthetic cubic zirconia". So I asked for ten times compensation. The reporter learned from the Second Intermediate People's Court in Beijing that the court overturned the first-instance judgment in the second instance and ordered the flagship store to compensate ten times.
  • Hong Kong Jewelry Accessories Opening Ceremony Stainless Steel Jewelry Awards Leading Fashion Trend
    The majority of people mention jewelry and accessories, and most people have the impression that they are expensive things that are not gold or silver. However, the 16th Asian Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Fair held in Hong Kong on the 20th on the 20th provided more styles for people. Another option is the price is relatively cheap - stainless steel jewelry.
  • What problems does magnetic therapy can solve in jewelry industry?
    Why magnet jewelry is increasingly sought after by jewelry lovers in the jewelry industry? Please read carefully the following article! The Earth is a magnetic field. Humans are constantly affected by the effects and magnetic fields of the Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field and air, water, and sunlight are one of the indispensable elements for human survival. Under the action of a magnetic field, people form their own magnetic fields. According to the determination, the human heart, lungs, brain, muscles, and nerves have different degrees of micro-magnetic field.
  • Why do we charge your jewelry process fee, The reason is all here!
    Exquisite jewelry starts from design and design is the soul of jewelry. New and unique ideas are expressed through a single sheet of drawings. The wax plate is then made by an advanced automatic molding machine. After the building and processing, one standard and accurate silver plate is completed.
  • 13 kinds of ring wearing method to make you become a fashion jewelry master
    Everyone has their own unique taste, from picking a single product to a ring. Some girls like turquoise round rings; others like slim, simple gold rings.
  • Silver fashion jewelry maintenance methods
    The chemical properties of silver are more active, so it will react with the sulfur dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide. When the silver surface is oxidized to black, the following maintenance methods can be used to restore the beautiful luster of silver.
  • The function of Anion
    Anion is a kind of material that is very beneficial to human health and can stimulate the nervous system to produce good effects. The blood is sent to the systemic cells through the blood circulation. It can improve myocardial function, enhance myocardial nutrition and cell metabolism, and reduce fatigue. People are energetic, improve immunity and promote health.
  • The function of Magnetic
    There are magnetic substances in the human body, resulting in a biological magnetic field. The effect of the magnetic field on the human body is mainly through the biological effects of the magnetic field.
  • The knowledge of Germanium
    Radon is an element made up of 32 electrons. When the temperature reaches 32 degrees, it releases ions, raises body temperature, promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle discomfort and metabolic fatigue, and helps restore body functions. The ions released by cesium can also be neutralized. Ion in the human body regulates bioelectric currents and maintains balance in the body.
  • Tungsten steel introduction----Fashion Jewelry material
    Tungsten is a kind of metal whose hardness is second only to diamonds, and 10times than gold and 5 times than stainless steel. It does not fade and wear-resistant for long time,unless encounter something containing silica
  • Silver introduction
    Silver (Ag). Silver has attractive white luster, high chemical stability and ornamental value, and it is favored by people. Therefore, it has the reputation of “woman's metal” and is widely used as jewelry, fashion accessories,decorations
  • Basic knowledge of Titanium-Steel fashion Accessories
    Titanium steel, also known as 316L steel, 316L stainless steel with wide range of uses. It has the characteristics of resistant to acid, alkali, no discoloration, no allergies, no deformation, hard and bright.
  • About one of fashion jewelry raw material ----Titanium
    Titanium (Ti) - A silver-gray metal, specific gravity 4.5, melting point 1668 ° C. Titanium is a very special metal, very light texture, but very tough and corrosion-resistant.It will not turn black like silver, can keep its original color at room temperature.