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13 kinds of ring wearing method to make you become a fashion jewelry master
Apr 08, 2018

Everyone has their own unique taste, from picking a single product to a ring. Some girls like turquoise round rings; others like slim, simple gold rings. When you are happily buying them home, you want to post on facebook or Instragram to share with your friends, but always do not know how to shoot professionally? Following the 13 ways  as below to display the perfect ring to make your photo the best feed in your social medial!


1.Gold color,geometric ring


The thicker golden ring can be placed at the root, the finer style is at the top, and the ring of the middle finger can be as thin as possible. Your fingers will look more slender.


2.Gemstone ring


To you who are interested in the gems ring, in the ring's wear philosophy, the large set of gemstone ring is usually worn on the middle finger, while the small gemstone ring is worn on the little finger to get the overall symmetry and mutual effect.


3.Love silver ring


All the different styles of small silver rings create a bohemian style. The rings are designed with criss-crossing or iron silver chains to make the entire detail even more perfect.

4.Create personal characteristics


Try to choose the same color ring, do not let out of focus, the number of rings in both hands should be evenly distributed, it will not appear too weak on one side.

5.Mashup Wind Queen


Do you want to make your fingers look more slender? Here is a very simple way to put all the rings of different styles in different colors on the same finger and compare it with another hand without a ring. It seems that it really has a effect to long your fingers.

6.Elegant pearl


It's easy to mess with the different style ring, and this time usually pearl-shaped rings will be the most prominent in the inside, you can use the pearl ring as the center to determine which ring's style is the worst match with the pearl. At this time, they can be eliminated in order, leaving the most suitable ring.


7.Elegant Turquoise


For those who love turquoise, there are already many turquoise rings at home. While when you are shopping,you accidentally buy some home finally. In fact, you can boldly wear them all!

8.Fine ring


If a thin or small ring is worn on the fingertips, it will appear thin if wearing only one. You can use a multi-layer mashup to show its beauty.

9.Rose Gold Ring


There is no extra rule to match the rose gold ring, but the color is easy to be alloyed and silver is mixed. If you really like rose gold and want to highlight personal qualities, you may wear a rose gold bracelet.

10.Royal type honor ring


Gorgeous and exquisite details have also attracted many girls, symmetrical design and complex appearance make you looks like a Queen. Usually, when wear this ring, the clothing should not be too monotonous, you can choose luxury or gorgeous clothing to match your ring.

11.Silver wide ring


The girls who like these bold and wide ring, just like they wear the shield for their own fingers, to ensure that they do not be affected by these rings when working, can still be normally act. On the other hand, for wide-range rings, wearing 3 pcs will be the best.


12. Do not pick style

If you are really hard to choose and you want to put the ring on it, you can choose the arrow design ring, or some design elements of the stars, the moon, but remember that the arrow to the ring to ensure the same direction, the same color as possible will not too confusing.

13. Match with bracelet

Do you think wearing a ring is not enough? Then you can try to carry a bracelet, if you want to be more relax, you may try the bow style bracelet.