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About one of fashion jewelry raw material ----Titanium
Aug 23, 2014


Titanium (Ti) - A silver-gray metal, specific gravity 4.5, melting point 1668 ° C. Titanium is a very special metal, very light texture, but very tough and corrosion-resistant.It will not turn black like silver, can keep its original color at room temperature. Because of its corrosion resistance and high stability, titanium does not affect its nature even after long-term exposure to humans. It does not cause human allergies. It is the only metal that has no effect on human autonomic nerves and taste. It is known as "probiotic metal." Jewelry and fashion jewelry made of titanium is harder than other precious metal jewelry, which prevents scratches and does not change color like platinum。


Titanium is a safe, hypoallergenic metal with hard, rust-free properties. It is widely used in medicine and sports. This light metal has the ability to regulate the body's natural current through cell ionization. Titanium has a special current characteristics,have a beneficial physiological effect on the human body and is chemically stable. They do not change or deteriorate timely and are beneficial to the physical and mental health for the human body. Therefore, Titanium products can achieve mental relaxation, muscle relaxation, and improve motor function. As the body temperature rises, the calories increase and will relax the muscles and stimulate the blood flow. The increased blood flow will help your body to better remove the substances and fatigue factors caused by the pain in the blood. It will effectively control the current disorder in the body. Pain and discomfort eliminate Immediately. For bursitis, sciatica, and headaches, these types of arthritis have a significant effect on the transient pain of premenstrual syndrome. By regulating the body current to relieve muscle pain and stiffness and improve blood circulation. For these reasons, this product is loved by marathon players and many athletes.