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Hong Kong Jewelry Accessories Opening Ceremony Stainless Steel Jewelry Awards Leading Fashion Trend
Jun 26, 2018

Hong Kong Jewelry Accessories Opening Ceremony Stainless Steel Jewelry Awards Leading Fashion Trend

The majority of people mention jewelry and accessories, and most people have the impression that they are expensive things that are not gold or silver. However, the 16th Asian Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Fair held in Hong Kong on the 20th on the 20th provided more styles for people. Another option is the price is relatively cheap - stainless steel jewelry.

According to the Hong Kong Communications and Information Service, Huang Dingle, a stainless steel jewelry company manager, said stainless steel jewelry is mainly made of stainless steel. Because of its relatively low price, it is very popular in Europe and the United States, and it also holds a certain proportion in the Hong Kong market. The market prospects are good.

Huang Dingle said that the stainless steel jewelry industry is currently mainly for European and American markets, that is, to help overseas manufacturers process jewelry. Due to the differences in traditional values between China and the West, the Chinese mainland market places more emphasis on value preservation rather than design. He said that because of this, the vast market in the Mainland has not been developed, "both opportunities and challenges coexist."

Unlike precious metal products, stainless steel jewelry is a fast-fashion consumer product, and the craftsmanship of the product is extremely important. Therefore, Huang Dingle puts a large part of the company's income into the design, which is one of the reasons that sales increased by more than 200% last year.

As the status and prospects of stainless steel jewelry are good, the pressure of competition has followed. Huang Dingle said that due to the cheaper tradition of artificial and jewelry processing, the Thai counterparts are highly competitive. However, he believes that instead of competing on price, it is better to pay more attention to the process of locking down higher levels of spending power.

In the “June Fair” last year, the “Stainless Steel Jewelry Pavilion” was very popular among buyers. This year’s appearance again made it a fashion trend.