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What problems does magnetic therapy can solve in jewelry industry?
Jun 14, 2018

Why magnet jewelry is increasingly sought after by jewelry lovers in the jewelry industry? Please read carefully the following article!

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The Earth is a magnetic field. Humans are constantly affected by the effects and magnetic fields of the Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field and air, water, and sunlight are one of the indispensable elements for human survival. Under the action of a magnetic field, people form their own magnetic fields. According to the determination, the human heart, lungs, brain, muscles, and nerves have different degrees of micro-magnetic field.

The Soviet astronaut Yuri Alexeyeevich Gagarin completed the space experiment and returned to Earth. The body experienced a series of severe bone loss, heart palpitations, endocrine disorders, insomnia, constipation, and irritable temper. After returning to the earth, many symptoms died of self-healing. So scientists named the disease "Space Syndrome," also called "Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome." If people are far away from the Earth's magnetic field, or if people are in a weak state of the Earth's magnetic field, they will cause a variety of diseases, premature aging, and even shorten their lives.

The health effects of magnetic fields on the human body:

Magnetic therapy is an important part of the medical field and has a long history. The magnets in Chinese medical science are both internal and external. Many foreign countries use magnets to treat certain diseases and use areas with relatively strong magnetic fields to build healing and sanctuary sites. Magnetic interaction with the human body has been widely recognized by the medical and life sciences.

1. Regulate microcirculation

The quality of microcirculation directly affects the health of the human body. Through the application of magnetic force, the self-discipline movement of the microcirculation can be significantly regulated and the microcirculation can be significantly improved.

2.Activate cells to promote cell metabolism

There is a slight magnetic field in the movement of the charge in the cells of human tissues. Due to the application of magnetic field force, the weak magnetic field of the nucleus and cell wall is enhanced, that is, the charge movement and oxidation reaction are enhanced; and due to the improvement of the microcirculation, the function of blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient supply and waste discharge is strengthened. Therefore, the exchange of tissue cells with blood increases, thereby promoting the metabolism of tissue cells.

3.Regulating the composition of blood

Through the application of magnetic force, the bone's hematopoietic function is improved, and the components in the blood are regulated. For example, enzymes, decomposing enzymes and other components are reasonably increased. Low-density lipoproteins, cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose in the blood are used for normal metabolism. . Thus, there is an effect of purifying blood and softening blood vessels.

4.Regulates the brain's nervous system and improves sleep

Human brain tissue cells and nervous system, through the application of magnetic force, its function has improved significantly. Such as: neurasthenia, autonomic disorders in patients with significant effect; the body's brain tissue microcirculation to improve, brain cell activation, promote brain cell metabolism, so that further improve the function of brain tissue, so that the function of the body's various systems can be improved.

5.Improve bones

The magnetic field has also been shown to be effective in improving bone density in animal models of osteoporosis, the mechanism of which is to increase osteoblast activity and inhibit osteoclast activity. For example, Taiwanese scholars performed magnetic exposure on cultured osteoblasts for 20 days and found that the calcium content of the cells increased significantly, and alkaline phosphatase and osteocalcin increased significantly.

Magnetic fields have inestimable health effects on various organs of the human body. In the long life and practice, we should pay more and more attention to and use the magical effect of magnetism.

The invention of the "Antique Magnetic Generator" is a major breakthrough in the history of human application of magnetic therapy. Since then, people will be able to enjoy high-quality magnetic therapy without leaving home.