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Silver fashion jewelry maintenance methods
Dec 02, 2017

The chemical properties of silver are more active, so it will react with the sulfur dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide. When the silver surface is oxidized to black, the following maintenance methods can be used to restore the beautiful luster of silver.


1. You can add soda powder in clean water to clean and wipe.

2. Wipe with silver rubbing cloth or wiping with silver paste (General accessories stores should be available. Special be noted that: rubbing silver cloth contains special liquid medicine and cannot be washed).

3. Use a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste to wash the jewelry, then rinse it with clean water and wipe with a cotton cloth. (Dental powder has good effect.)


4. Soak silver wash water, wash it with clean water, wipe it cleanly with cotton cloth, and keep it dry. However, it is recommended to use as little as possible silver wash water, because the silver wash water is a chemical product. It is to use the corrosiveness of the silver wash water itself to clean the silver ornaments, which will cause damage to the silver ornaments when used for a long time. Finally, you must pay attention that it is better to avoid silver jewelry to touch seawater and hot springs. When it is not worn, please keep it in a container isolated from air, such as a velvet bag or a jewelry box, so that your silverware can always be kept as new!