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Silver introduction
Dec 22, 2015

Silver (Ag). Silver has attractive white luster, high chemical stability and ornamental value, and it is favored by people. Therefore, it has the reputation of “woman's metal” and is widely used as jewelry, fashion accessories,decorations, silverware, tableware, and congratulations. Gifts, medals and commemorative coins. Silver jewellery has a vast market in developing countries and silver ware is popular with families. The silver commemorative coins are beautifully designed and have a small circulation, and they have the function of preserving and adding value. They are well-received by coin collectors and coin investors.



Modern medicine believes that: silver can bactericidal anti-inflammatory, good to health. Long-term use, can play a role in accelerating metabolism, enhance the resistance. It is believed that often wear silver jewelry, it has health benefits. It’s very beautiful for Women to wear silver bracelet , but also good for the body. Pure silver has an interesting feature, the durability of the gloss of the silverware's anti-oxidation is related to the individual's physique , the sliver on the person with good physique will brighter, and the weaker physique, the more body waste, Sterling silver jewelry may soon turn black, so often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help the body get rid of rubbish.

Silver contains silver ions, silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect, good to the human body. In addition, the thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent in all metals, it can quickly dissipate the heat of artery,this vivid heat conduction performance can rapidly reduce blood heat, excellent efficacy to prevent various diseases.

Silver also has the function of absorbing toxicity, which is one of the reasons for its discoloration, so it has excellent disinfection performance. This discoloration is only a surface reaction and can be eliminated with toothpaste or medicine.

Silver has a good health care function. Regular wear of silver jewelry can not only neutralize rubbish in human body, but also accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, and have the effect of purifying water quality and preservation. Chinese Mongolian herdsmen like using silverware to keep fresh Milk, modern science proves that silverware keep fresh milk,There is scientific basis because:

A. A very small amount of silver ions dissolved in it can kill the bacteria in the milk and prevent the milk from deteriorating.

B.To keep milk with silverware, which can supplement the necessary silver elements of the human body.

C. Silver has good heat- conductivity, milk cool fast.

D. Silver is chemically stable and silverware is durable.