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Tungsten steel introduction----Fashion Jewelry material
Jun 28, 2016


Tungsten is a kind of metal whose hardness is second only to diamonds, and 10times than gold and 5 times than stainless steel. It does not fade and wear-resistant for long time,unless encounter something containing silica, the gloss of tungsten and gold jewelry is also particularly good, most people wear it and will not be allergic, unless it is an extremely allergic physique. Tungsten steel watches, tungsten steel rings, tungsten steel necklaces and so on. Because tungsten steel has high hardness, good wear-resistance and high brightness, tungsten steel fashion jewelry have become more and more popular in recent years.


(1) Material composition. Tungsten has a very low content on the earth. Tungsten carbides that have a tungsten content of more than 80% to be called tungsten steel. When the tungsten content in tungsten steel reaches 85.7%, the jewelry has the highest brightness and the best effect. At present, the tungsten content of many tungsten steel ornaments on the market generally does not reach this content, even below 60%. The value of such tungsten steel jewelry is certainly not high.

(2) Appearance. Tungsten steel jewelry material is hard, difficult to handle in the corners and corners of the site, if bad dealing for the formation of very sharp edges and corners , it is easy to harm human body, if dealing to much, it will reflect the unique style of tungsten steel jewelry. Tungsten steel jewelry using gem cutting process, Fine grinding can get jewel-like color and light. While poor cutting and grinding process will affect the surface effect much.

(3) Size. The polishing of tungsten steel jewelry is almost a purely manual process, which makes it difficult to control the size. When improper control, there are problems such as dimensional deviation and asymmetrical appearance.

(4) Environmental protection and safety. This is currently the most concerned issue at home and abroad. Tungsten steel jewelry is also an alloy,an alloy must contains other steer contents.. It is necessary to determine whether the contained metal elements are harmful to the human body, such as cobalt.