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What are the diamond mosaic methods?
Aug 08, 2018

                                           What are the diamond mosaic methods?


What are the diamond inlay methods? The diamond inlay method can largely affect the appearance of the diamond. It is understood that there are as many as seven or more diamond inlay methods, and each diamond inlay method has its own unique advantages. Below I love Diamond Network Xiaobian to introduce you to several common diamond inlay methods.


What are the diamond inlay methods? The diamond inlay method can largely affect the appearance of the diamond. It is understood that there are up to nine or more diamond inlay methods, and each diamond inlay method has its own unique advantages.

1. Claw setting: The metal claws (columns) are used to hold the diamond tightly. The metal rarely blocks the diamond, which allows a large amount of light to enter from all directions, making the middle diamond look bigger and more flickering. The claw setting can be divided into six-prong setting, four-prong setting and three-prong setting. Under the four-claw shape, you can see more diamonds, but the six-claw will be safer. This inlay makes the diamond stand out and makes the diamond look radiant from any angle. However, the claws are easily scratched to the hair or clothes, and if the metal is deformed for a long time, the claws are easily deformed and the diamonds fall off.


2. Inlay: Use the metal edge to seal the waist of the diamond inside the metal bracket (frame), and use the solidity of the precious metal to prevent the diamond from falling off. Because the jeweler must strike the metal to fix the middle stone, this mosaic method is not suitable for low-hardness gems, which may cause the gems to crack. The edging is the second most popular diamond ring styling, which not only has a modern look, but is also suitable for people who are active in life. This is a relatively strong and traditional setting method. When purchasing diamonds in the package, it should be noted that the bottom of the diamond should not be exposed. The edges between the edges and the diamonds should be tight and seamless, smooth and smooth. There will be no hooks on the clothes.



3, card inlay: the use of metal tension to fix the waist of the diamond (sometimes the waist and the bottom of the part), is a very stylish mosaic style, it can reflect the modern sense. The name of the card is derived from the fact that it is fixed by the tension of the metal itself. The result is that the diamond seems to hang between the two metal handles of the ring, and the image is called a clip. The card set is a very distinctive shape, and the manufacturing process is not too complicated and the cost is not high. The card-inlaid inlay also adds some diamond safety because it will further strengthen the diamond around the diamond or at the bottom with a claw setting or bezel setting. The disadvantage of this method of inlaying is that the position where the gemstone is fixed by the metal is very limited, and the force point is small. If the slot car is too large, the gemstone may easily loosen or even fall off. This method has a slightly higher technical requirement. 


4, track setting method: also called groove setting, wall setting, first out the groove on the precious metal bracket, and then put the diamond into the groove. The track is set to fit the diamond of the same diameter. A diamond or other precious gemstone is placed next to a metal groove to decorate the sides of the ring or the entire ring. This method of inlay protects the diamond better. In addition, this style allows the diamond to be mostly integrated into one piece, which produces a larger or more visual effect of the diamond than it actually is, which makes the surface of the piece look smooth. However, diamonds are easily damaged during the setting process, and the diamonds are generally fixed.



5, nail setting: on the edge of the metal material, use the tool to cut a few small nails to fix the diamond. The metal claws of any fixed diamonds are not visible on the surface, and the closely arranged diamonds are actually placed in the metal gutters. With this inlay, the diamond can reflect more light and make the diamond shine more. If the entire ring is nailed, it is difficult to change the size of the ring. We strongly recommend that the size of the ring be determined when customizing the ring.



6. Forced setting: The stone and the stone are separated by metal and are firmly fixed by the left and right metal bars. This inlay can be used to set off the center of the stone, or to use this mosaic method for wedding rings.


7. Tibetan inlays, also known as smears, are inlaid on the thicker or larger areas of the metal. The diamonds are not exposed, which is a very stable and long-lasting mosaic method. This kind of inlay has no claws, and the jewelry looks smooth and clean, suitable for everyday wear. This mosaic method is often used as a ring in the market.