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Why do we charge your jewelry process fee, The reason is all here!
Jun 01, 2018

Why do we charge your jewelry process fee, The reason is all here!

Decrypt large-scale factory-based production model

Make jewelry consumers aware of their output process

Let’s go through the story behind the birth of the jewelry

Process One :

Design and Making Plate


Exquisite jewelry starts from design and design is the soul of jewelry. New and unique ideas are expressed through a single sheet of drawings. The wax plate is then made by an advanced automatic molding machine. After the building and processing, one standard and accurate silver plate is completed.

Process Two :

Mold Opening


Open mold is to use a silver plate to copy the plastic mould, divided into four steps:

The first step, packing silver plate with special rubber packing;

The second step, put in the laminating machine heating, pressure and forming;

The third step, remove the silver from the plastic mould;

The fourth step is to process the film.

Process 3: Injection Wax


Under the air pressure, through the wax injection machine, the liquid wax is injected into the rubber and cooled to form the wax. (Flow is as follows):

The first step, adhesive mould;

The second step, injection wax;

The third step, open the plastic mold, take out the wax;

The fourth step, check the wax;

In the fifth step, the qualified wax is welded to the wax core to form a wax tree.

Process IV   Casting


The wax tree is converted into a plaster mold by a special machine, the plaster mold is placed in a high-temperature furnace, baked to a certain temperature, and the configured raw materials are heated and melted by a casting machine to reach a desired temperature, and then the molten metal is poured into the mold. The baked good plaster is in the cavity, and it is left standing for cooling, which completes the jewelry casting process (flow is as follows):

The first step, nest the wax tree into the cylinder

The second step, put the cylinder into the molding machine

The third step, stirring plaster, vacuum

The fourth step, injecting gypsum slurry


The fifth step, resting it and make a number.

The sixth step, after dewaxing, put it into the baking furnace to roast

Step 7: Place the baked plaster mold into casting machine


Process Five: Grinding


The process of grinding is to correct or shape the whole or part of the product by grinding tool, and it is processed to be smooth. The product lines are clear and fancy and symmetrical. (Flow is as follows):

The first step, congested mouth, grinding inner circle;

The second step, shaping, Measuring the finger size;

The third step, flattening

Process Six:Stone inlay


Stone inlay is the process of embedding the stones on the right position. With the help of stone inlay tools, the stones of various rules are inlaid on the position with appropriate strength and angle, making it firm, not skewed, and overall harmonious and beautiful. There are claw inlay, broken inserts, pack inserts, and nail inlay  etc.

Process Seven:Polishing


Polishing is through the high-speed rotation of the cloth wheel, under the action of the polishing wax, so that the metal surface produces high heat, in order to achieve a smooth, bright effect, the polished product is as bright as new, the metal surface can not be any impurities, there may be sand holes or scars.

The first step, Lathe flying dish;

The second step, polishing the inner side;

The third step is to cast the hemp wheel;

Step 4: to brush

In the fifth step, cast the wheel.


It is not easy for a fashion jewelry accessories to be completed by so many processes, and occurred rather labor fee undoubtedly. For that luxury and big jewels,there will be a lot more the welding process, but also by the senior jewellery chefs carefully crafted! The labor fee will be more! That is why there are high and low labor costs.

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