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Solidarity And Hard Work - The Company Holds The Competition Of Push And Pull
Sep 05, 2016

In order to bring together the company’s internal unity, strengthen the spirit of group cooperation, display the company’s employees’ positive spirit and enrich the company’s cultural life, the company organized the “Crystal Morning” Cup Tug of War competition on the morning of Sep. 5th with a total of six teams. One of the men's 2 teams, and the other is women's four teams.

Before the start of the competition, the contestants were gearing up and cheering up. They were all ready. When the whistle of the game began, the participating players shouted “One by One, Two or Two”, clasped the long rope, and lagged With great efforts to pull back, the company’s leaders are also cheering alongside the teams. The non-entry employees spontaneously formed a cheering team to cheer for the players. A wonderful competition event is about to start.

In the competition, the participating teams from all departments worked hard. No matter whether on the court or off the court, the atmosphere was extremely tight. The rhythmic cries and cheers filled the company and they echoed for a long time. Especially at the moment of victory and defeat, everyone did not retreat, clenching their teeth and persisting. The players in the arena are all highly motivated and use their sweat to tell us the meaning of unity. Their tenacious perseverance and hard work spirit moved everyone. The cheering team's employees were all enthusiastic and shouting cheers added a bright light to the game. Every cry brought a force! There were a total of six teams in this competition. Lottery was conducted before the match and the match was held in twos. The winning team then went on PK. After two rounds of match-ups, the final workshop staff successfully defended the champion. Each Champion team gets one insulation cup and each participant gets a set of towel gift boxes for the company's custom LOGO.

Through this competition, the team spirit of the company was promoted, employees were grouped together, and the spirit of teamwork and perseverance was enhanced. It will help enhance the cohesion and centripetal force among employees in various departments and help employees establish a positive and optimistic life attitude. The event was a complete success.