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The “One Belt And One Road” New Fulcrum And New Field For Innovation And Entrepreneurship Guangdong Province Launched The Fashion Jewelry Design And Production Skills Contest
Oct 09, 2017

On October 9th, Guangdong Provincial Human Resources Department and the municipal government jointly launched 2015 Guangdong Fashion Jewelry Design and Production Occupational Skills Competition and China Fashion Industry (Trinket) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The top 6 finalists with both the theoretical and practical results passed will be awarded the National Vocational Qualification Certificate for jewelry designers or jewellery craftsmen. The top 3 will also receive the title of “Guangdong Province Technical Experts”.

Relevant person in charge said that China is the world’s largest production and sales base for fashion jewelry, and this industry is closely related to the “One Belt and One Road” strategy. The competition will accept talents from all over the world to participate in the competition. The judges of famous art and design experts from home and abroad will be invited to use the competition form of written drawing and finished product display to create a deep integration of artistic creation and production practice, simultaneous development of international vision and industrial expansion, and talent cultivation. Fashion accessories designed to promote professional competitions with entrepreneurial support.

The government proposes that players who intend to establish a design studio in Guangdong can freely enter the Creative Park, Kechuang Park and other cultural and creative parks. In line with the "Guangdong Yingcai" program or venture innovation policy, you can enjoy a variety of funding and entrepreneurial services. For qualified personnel, the government will provide a subsidy of 150,000 yuan to 1.4 million yuan for housing purchases, and give priority to children.


It is reported that the competition will set up one each for gold, silver and bronze medals, and set up multiple individual awards with a total prize money up to RMB 150,000.