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The World's First Fashion Accessories Of Non-heritage Craftsmanship Integrates Smart Technology Shinning In London
Aug 17, 2017

People's Daily Online, London, August 17th (Reporter Huang Peizhao)

On the afternoon of August 17th, local time, the press conference of “China’s Memory of the Times” was held in Chinatown in London. The world’s first fashion jewelry of non-heritage craftsmanship integrated intelligent Technology- "Time Memory" series of smart fashion jewelry was published at the press conference.  The cross-border smart cultural fashion jewelry developed by this "Time Memory" and TOTWOO Smart together using the Chinese national intangible cultural heritage "filigree inlay" process, while implanting a smart core with independent intellectual property rights, making beautiful Jewelry and fashion accessories has a unique "memory storage" and "memory replication" function.


The “China’s Time Memory of Inheritance in the UK” is the first cultural exchange event jointly initiated and organized by Chinese private companies and associations. There were 15 Chinese intangible cultural heritage techniques and craft products showed in London. In addition, China Non-genetic heritage and cultural works will also debuted firstly at the Edinburgh Festival. The purpose of this event is to promote the fine traditional Chinese culture, concise the cultural connotation and to demonstrate  to the people of the world the spiritual qualities of benevolence , integrity and justice passed down from generation to generation in China and the concept of innovation, development and integration. The promotion is consistent with human common aesthetic pursuits and moral emotions. New achievements in Chinese excellent culture. Among them, this section will be the future of the unique combination of the latest international smart technology and has thousands of years of historical accumulation of Chinese filigree mosaic technology innovation products, become the biggest highlight of the conference.


"Time Memory" series are all made by craftsmen using different forms of gold and silver mosaic of various types of precious stones. "Filigree" means the extraction of gold, silver, and other metals into hair-like filaments, which can be as thin as 0.1-0.2mm, and then weaves them into shapes using techniques such as weaving and stacking. "Inlaid" means the pearls and gemstones are etched in brackets or grooves that made of sheet metal. Each work will take a  a long term, and even the most common work takes dozens of days to complete. For the first time, jewelry has added the function of  the "memory storage": people can record their own memories into audio and video content via mobile phones, and then store jewelry through bluetooth connection. In recalling, tapping the jewelry, the memory will be played on the mobile phone. Mr. Martin, a London citizen who participated in the experiential activities said that such meaningful jewelry is the best gift for the loved ones and fully reflects the hearty and resonant experience among lovers, loved ones and friends.

Jieming Wang, the founder of TOTWOO smart jewelry, said in an interview that as a brand new cross-border category in the jewelry industry, China is currently superior to foreign brands in the field of smart jewelry in terms of technology, style, and mass production. This time, TOTWOO chose to cooperate with the “Time Memory, Investment and Service” platform in Tianjin, which is committed to the innovation and development of traditional Chinese arts and crafts. It is also a source of both parties’ resources to work together to create a distinctive international brand.


Liying Yang, general manager of China’s Memory of Inheritance in the UK, said that the heritage of non-inherited culture cannot rely solely on charity and charitable support. It must inject new elements that truly meet the needs of the times and the aesthetics of modern people, so that innovative and creative products can be integrated into people’s life. In particular, will win the favor of the younger generation, which will also help guide the younger generation to pay attention to, understand and learn Chinese culture, which will benefit the inheritance and development of the culture. At the same time, the non-heritage culture will also be brought into a new closed-loop business model to do development and inheritance.This smart jewelry product development is a very beneficial try.

Daniel Carpenter, an expert from the British Cultural Heritage Handicraft Association who was invited to the press conference, said that indispensable protection is a very difficult task for each country. "Time Memory" smart jewelry is a very special kind of innovation and deserves a lot of attention at home and abroad. The United Kingdom also has a lot of good craftsmanship. It is hoped that in the future, it will be possible to strengthen cultural exchanges between China and the United Kingdom, combine more with new technology and smart technologies, and jointly develop outstanding works of art. The world-famous jewelry artist and educator, Dean of the University of Lincoln School of Design and Norman Cherry, dean of the former Birmingham Institute of jewelry, said that he is pleased to see that the Chinese craftsmanship continues to glow with new life and intelligent jewelry. Launched by the China Times Memory Brand, this has made tremendous contributions to the future promotion of the world jewelry industry.