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Welcome French Customers To Visit Our Company
Dec 11, 2016

With the rapid development of the company and continuous innovation in R&D technology, the group company are also increasing their efforts to expand the international market and have attracted the attention of many foreign customers.


Today, French customers visited our company. Our boss Mr. Jiang warmly welcome the customers. This French customer mainly inspected our company's automated production capacity. With the Mr.Jiang together, customers visited the production workshop and automation equipment. Afterwards, Mr.Jiang conducted detailed exchanges with customers on company strength, development planning, product sales, and typical cooperative customers.


The customer expressed that they were very happy to visit our company and thanked the company for his warm and thoughtful reception, and left a deep impression on the company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and advanced automation equipment technology. Impression, look forward to further exchanges and cooperation.


Recalling the cooperation between our company and the client, it was also a long and complicated process. The technical requirements of foreign customers for jewelry processing were very strict. After several screenings, they finally decided to cooperate with us. The cooperation so far has been very satisfactory with our company's products and services. Because of this, in need new styles, not far from thousands of miles, once again come to our company to negotiate further cooperation.


Good product and good service is the most powerful marketing. Thanks to the customer's recognition and support to our company, XYF will make 100% effort to make the customer 100% satisfied.


After the visit, both the client who studied and the client who had worked with us had a high evaluation of the company, saying that through the visit, we have seen the mature technology and strong strength of our company, and also made the production of our company more efficient. Rest assured, but also look forward to future in-depth cooperation with our company.


XYF always adheres to high standards and high quality product requirements. It does not change its perseverance due to market fluctuations. It has always been at the forefront of the industry after experiencing wind and rain. It constantly researches and develops new products, and has a large number of long-term and stable domestic and foreign customers. The demand is the first place, providing customers with more style choices to help customers win more markets.